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Wondering whether to use dividends or a salary? Read this blog to find out why dividends are more cost-effective.

Director’s salary or bonus? Given current tax rates, paying a dividend rather than a salary will often be a more cost-effective way of withdrawing profits …

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Are you a working parent? You might be missing out on £2,000 per child per year towards the cost of childcare.

Tax-free childcare update HMRC have recently run a campaign to remind people that they could be missing out on up to £2,000 per child, per …

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Even if your business hasn’t reached the £85,000 turnover threshold, there are some benefits to registering for VAT early.

VAT registration – sooner or later? Once a business is up and running, the next major administrative area to be faced often concerns the subject …

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If you receive Universal Credit or any other forms of tax credit, read our blog to check if you need to update HMRC on any circumstance change.

Tax credits – do I have to tell HMRC if my circumstances change? Tax credits are benefit payments that are paid to people in work …

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This blog explains the most common mistakes that are made in directors’ loan account tax returns.

Directors’ loan accounts – avoiding the risks HMRC produce a series of toolkits which set out common errors that they find in returns. The hope …

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There are five conditions that need to be met to get the tax benefits of a pool car.

When is a car a pool car? Rather than allocating specific cars to particular employees, some employers find it preferable to operate a carpool and …

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