Identifying NIC increases on the pay-slip

For 2022/23 only, the rates of Class 1 (employer and employee) National Insurance contributions are increased by 1.25 percentage points, along with the rates of Class 1A, Class 1B and Class 4 contributions. The NIC increases are a temporary increase pending the introduction of the Health and Social Care Levy from 6 April 2023. The levy will raise ring-fenced funds for health and adult social care; the 2022/23 temporary increases in National Insurance contributions will do likewise. The rates are due to revert to their 2021/22 levels from 6 April 2023 when the new levy comes into effect.

Employer and employee rates for 2022/23

As a result of the temporary NIC increases, for 2022/23, the main rate of primary contribution (payable on earnings that fall between the primary threshold (£190 per week; £823 per month; £9,880 per year) and the upper secondary threshold (£967 per week; £4,189 per month; £50,270 per year)) is set at 13.25% and the additional primary rate (payable on earnings in excess of the upper earnings limit) is set at 3.25%.

Employers will pay secondary contributions at the rate of 15.05% on earnings in excess of the secondary threshold (set at £175 per week; £758 per month; £9,100 per year). Where an upper secondary threshold applies, employers will pay secondary contributions on contributions at 15.05% above the relevant secondary threshold (£967 per week; £4,189 per month; £50,270 per year where the employee is under the age of 21, an apprentice under the age of 25 or an armed forces veteran in the first year of their first civilian employment since leaving the armed forces and £481 per week; £2,083 per month; £25,000 per year where the employee is a new Freeport employee). The 1.25% increase does not apply to earnings charged at the zero rate.

Employers will also pay Class 1A and Class 1B National Insurance contributions at 15.05% for 2022/23.

Identifying increases on the payslip

In the December 2021 issue of their Employer Bulletin HMRC asked employers to include a message for employees on all payslips between 6 April 2022 and 5 April 2023 to explain that their increased National Insurance contributions are being used to meet health and social care costs. They instructed that the payslip message should read ‘1.25% uplift in NIC funds NHS, health & social care’.

HMRC reiterated this request in the February 2022 issue of Employer Bulletin. The article notes that while HMRC have been in contact with payroll software providers to request that they include it in their software packages, they realise that some employers will need to amend payslips directly in order to include this message.

HMRC will also be sending out emails to employers to remind them to include this message.

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