Top tips for choosing the right small business accountant

Small business accountant – Why do you need an accountant? How to choose a small business accountant? Where should you start? We hope that this blog will help small businesses find the right help they need to improve their bottom line.

Running a small business can be incredibly rewarding. But there are also a whole host of crucial jobs and processes to take into account – including keeping your finances in check. Managing your accounts can be complex and time-consuming, but it’s vital that you ensure all relevant requirements and regulations are met.

And that’s where a small business accountant comes in. Taking care of key financial processes, such as bookkeeping and tax returns, a dedicated accountant will free up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

But choosing the right accountant can be difficult. After all, it’s important that you trust them, and they are equipped to meet your needs. So how do you find the right accountant for your small business?

Small business accountant tip #1: Services

What services does the firm offer? Will they be able to meet your changing needs as your business evolves and grows? While you may only be interested in help with self-assessment tax returns right now, as your small business grow, you’ll probably find you need a broader range of professional accounting services, including Payroll and VAT services.

Small business accountant tip #2: Reviews and testimonials

When looking for a small business accountant, checking out reviews and testimonials from other clients can be a great way to gauge the level of service you will receive. For the most accurate insight, look out for reviews from businesses of a similar size to your own. The accountants should have testimonials they are willing to share with you, and you’ll also be able to find reviews online using sites such as Trustpilot, Google Business, and even social media platforms like Facebook.

Small business accountant tip #3: Fees

Of course, one of the main things to consider when looking for an accountant for your small business is the costs and fees. Get a quote from your potential accountant and ask them to break it down – this will make it easier for you to compare with the quotes you have received from other companies.

Think about how much you can afford to spend and how much value their services will add to your business.

Small business accountant tip #4: Communication

Communication with your SME accountant is key. Will you have a dedicated point of contact? How will you keep in touch – by face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or video conferencing?

And, it goes without saying, if you’re struggling to communicate with them at this early stage, they probably aren’t the right ones for you!

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